Trying to get back into throwing mode this week. I spent the majority of my time this week trying to adjust to the new clay body I'm using... changing clay bodies right before a deadline probable isn't smart. Finally cranked out some good test pieces, and got some practice with the imari gosu.
I've modified the plan a little bit. I'm going to make medium sized plates, with domed covers decorated to look like landscapes. When you lift them the drawings on the plate will be exposed. It adds a bit more dimension to the work.

The drawings are going pretty well. I bought some new brushes to help get more detail but I may actually need to get an even smaller brush so that I can get even more detail on the drawings.

I'm really excited about the work, and happy with the pace of progress for my application to the graduate ceramics department at Ohio State. I finished my first draft of my letter of intent, and am all set to mail out release forms for my transcripts from MICA. I need to make contact with my last reference before I can submit my application, then finish the work by late November so I have time to get professional images of them taken.

It's getting down to the wire, but everything seems to be falling into place.


  1. Hey Danny, The test pieces look great. Can't wait to see the final result.

  2. I'll definitely be posting them after firing, I'm using the test kiln at the moment... so the results will trickle out slowly.