I got walrus out of the kiln. He still needs eyeballs and such but I love the rough texture and color of his skin that came about by spraying layers of black and clear. It has the perfect damp sheen. I'm going to start building the base soon. I also finished up the hands and feet of the cupcake. I will post that image after they get glazed.
On another note, I have begun work on a new figurative piece. Trying to sharpen up my sculpting skills haha. Made both hands and one foot. Im using bmix for its off white color, perfect for more of a skin-like tone. Im thinking I will build a wire armature body and sew an outfit for it. Similar to work I did ages ago in highschool.
Here is the progress I made today. Sorry if images are the wrong direction. I will rotate them when I get to a computer.


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