After starting to design tattoos, I decided to invest in a tablet for my PC to help make the process easier. I ended up deciding on Wacom's Bamboo Pen and Touch. I purchased mine on amazon, refurbished, for about 60$ after shipping. It was a great price compared to used ones on ebay, or their lower end pen models going for about 50-60$, used, after shipping. It's smooth, feels just like paper, and the pressure sensitive pen is to die for. The multi-touch aspect, which was just a perk at first, is actually really useful. I can pan and scroll pages, finger paint, open and move folders, and even right click with just a swipe of a finger. I just bought a super cute turtle shaped mouse, but this may replace it. It's sexier anyway. The pen is dual ended, with one side acting as the pen, and the other as the eraser... which blew my mind. Okay so i'm easily impressed and I am a tablet virgin. I'm glad to let the Bamboo Pen and Touch pop my tablet cherry. I messed around for maybe 15 minutes in Photoshop drawing and coloring just to play around. It really mimics the use of an actual pencil, changing the weight of the line based on pressure, and the texture of the pad(which mimics paper) feels totally natural. This is the quick drawing I did. I used a few colors, but mainly black. This is nothing serious... as it says, but seems like a great starting point. Oh, and I used it to write all of this... The Bamboo Pen and Touch gets 5 stars, for being fucking epic.


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