Got started on the costume for the Rise of the Dooman, and made a mini test design for the set/installaition for the Candy Minhwa photo.

The neck and vest for the dooman using a variety of patterned and bright colored fabrics. The neck peice is lightly stuffed to give it some extra shape. The test is made from paper cutouts to give a sense of the shapes and sizes for the wood I need get.

The Candy Minhwa's set will be a 6 foot circle in 7 parts, with a two foot hole in the middle. Creating a 2ft round platform. It will have a tree in the hill and tree in the middle, and surrounded by blue silk roses at the base, to act as the water. Im essentially creating an island. The set itself will act as an installation, titled, "The Road to Rediculous". As rediculousness is circular and tends to lead to itself. It will be some color near magnolia pink, with green rhinestone polkadots. I'm hoping to be more ambitious with the next two sets since the Trip to Your Hear(Birth of a Star) set was a bit more simple. After watching Pink Narcissus by John Bidgood and learning he also built and staged it all in his NYC apartment, I can't help but try to do more :)


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