I was recently introduced to the work of James Bidgood. I watched his movie Pink Narcissus(1971) and was left speechless. It was so visually beautiful and stunning. Its a story revolving around the fantasies of a male prostitute as he encounters suitors. I'm most fascinated by Bidgood's use of kitsch object and patterns in his work. I LOVE the flowers and bedazzled objects.

He has a really good sense of composition and the way he builds the sets, and dresses his models really aids in creating dreamlike scenes and images. He is definitely a big influence as I piece together my new body of work. His photographs and film are beautiful depictions of the male body, and nude. They poetically display all the curves and cuts of the models. They are displayed as both masculine and strong, and effeminate and emotional. They are true portraits of men, displaying the beauty of each model, while carrying the mentality of the models and characters they portray.

Taschen has a great art book of James Bidgood's work. I'm going to order mine with my next paycheck.

... It happens to be on daily motion ( 'u' )y


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