After a few weeks of hell trying to get the molds done, i am nearing completion. The studio is getting a tad chaotic as the molds are now in stacks waiting to get categorized. Im finding myself slowly being drained of motivation to work. I have to suffer in a day job to pay to make work that i dont want to make. Craft deco squirrels and holiday kitsch to sell at markets isnt what i imagined doing after school, and every time someone asks if im working i just cringe. Im dissapointed in myself for not finding work in the arts but more so im embarassed. I hate being home, and now that i have a studio(although nice) i feel more stuck here. i need a clay community but alas it seems cleveland doesnt have much to offer except potters.

My ambition now is to find a way to create a guild/artist group that promotes its members by being a resource of information on upcoming shows, markets, and conferences. It will pull resources from the artists involved to help fuel creation and innovation. We shall call it the cleveland clay studio. Who is with me?

The cleveland clay studio will offer classes taught by resident artists, sell works by said artists, and become a gallery space for showing new work.

This is just a proposition of course. Im going to need help.


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