Recently on my east coast adventures ive aquired a new fondness for roadtrip adventures. Ive gotten to drive through oh, pa, md, va, and dc on my adventure to visit max. I got to admire the lunar effect driving through pa around 11pm, the night sky driving through pa at 2am, the overhead light of the moon peking through the clouds in md at 3am, and the beginnings of sunrise in arlington,va as i pulled up to my beloveds house. i spent time with old ones and made new ones. Reminisced of times that feel so distant but happened so recently. I dined and celebrated the 4th in many new places, and had such a great time. The heat was rough but means nothing when youre with the best company. My trip has been fantstic and im sad to see it end, but im sure my new experiences will inform and shape my work. And, in that sense i imagine this is just the start of something amazing.


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